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Sometimes I just need to rant. Be afraid, you are my captive audience.

Gareth "Moggy" Morgan

Only one pig in this story …

Gareth “Cat Killer” Morgan is at it again, showing us all how to win friends and influence people. And yes, that was sarcasm on my part. Our favourite tanty-throwing political wannabe has had a crack at Jacinda Ardern, comparing her to “lipstick on a pig”. How much longer do we have to put up with […]

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And the winner is … Chorus

The gushing news reports would have us believe that everyone in Dunedin is celebrating their little corner of the world winning the much-hyped Gigatown competition but let’s be honest: it’s Chorus that should be doing all the celebrating. This year-long marketing “competition” was a brilliant marketing ploy for the company: the lovely citizens of the

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Weather or not you believe it …

The whole global warming debate continues, and while it’s hard to see it as global warming when we froze our collective arses off here in New Zealand last summer (but had an almost tropical winter), there is no doubt that something dodgy is happening to our climate. So let’s call it climate change, which covers

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Ice, ice baby

It seems like everyone in celebrity-land is jumping on the ice challenge bandwagon at the moment, with a raft of famous faces taking part in a soggy challenge in the name of a good cause. And it has to be said: Bill Gates has geekified the whole thing and taken it to a new level.

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The stench of oversharing

(This is the Online column, written for The Southland Times) During a chat about the perils of Facebook this week, a workmate reminded me of the old saying that compares houseguests and fish, but I reckon the internet has given Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote even more oomph. The United States founding father and inventor of

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Small victory for fat chicks

Radio presenter Rachel Smalley found herself in the poo after a not-so-timely comment or two this week but it was her attempt to weasel her way out of it that offended me. Smalley thought her mic was turned off after a news story about the effectiveness of an emergency contraceptive pill for women weighing more

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Undercover awareness a bit pointless

You’ve probably seen the “makeup-free selfie” memes all over social media lately, the latest in a seemingly never-ending stream of  near-pointless “awareness” memes. In case you didn’t know: the makeup-free selfies and earlier bra colour memes were meant to promote awareness of and bolster the fight against cancer. Riiiiight. The colour posts apparently help to

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