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Google phone confirmed for NZ

According to the NZ Herald (shhh, don’t tell my bosses I’m reading the competition!), we’re getting the sexy wee Google-powered smartphone some time during the next few months. It look very flash but let’s hope it’s going to be more affordable to run than the much anticipated iPhone. While I can appreciate how pretty and

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Singstar options for everyone

SINGSTAR SINGSTORE volume 3, for PlayStation 3, rated PGR, RRP $69.95 (game) or $119.95 (with microphones): Packed with online features, including access to the SingStore, which has a whole bunch of extra songs available for a fee, this one will let you add some real variety to your SingStar parties. It has 30 tracks included

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Fast and furious action

BUZZ JUNIOR ACE RACERS for PlayStation 2, Rated G, RRP $34.95 (game) $69.95 (with buzzers): The latest addition to the Buzz! Junior stable of games, Ace Racers is a fast and furious bundle of action aimed at the younger gamers but suitable for the whole family. It’s played using the Buzz! controllers, so getting around

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