So who am I?

Greetings and welcome to my little corner of the web.

First up, let me say that all opinions expressed here are mine. Well, some belong to Seymour the Wonder Cat  (pictured above) and occasionally his new-ish and not-so-trusty sidekick Norman the Other Cat (below).

I’m George. No, that’s not the name given to me by my parents but it is the name I’m most likely to answer to.

This site is really just somewhere for me to keep all my ramblings in one place. That includes archived copies of a weekly column I used to write for The Southland Times (it was about the internet, I might be a geek…the jury’s still out on that one), book reviews, random thoughts (be afraid, be very afraid), health updates and sites I’ve found with the help of  Seymour the Wonder Cat (pictured above in his thinking position) and the more recently arrived Norman the, er, Other Cat.

Seymour the Wonder Cat.

It will rarely cover anything political because:

  • Politicians are boring
  • There are already far too many political blogs, especially in New Zealand (what is it with us Kiwis, someone says “blog” and it seems we hear “write about boring politicians”)
  • Did I mention politicians are boring?

I live, and work, in the far south of New Zealand, a province named Southland (how’s that for original) at the southern end of the South Island. And yes, the province at the other far end of the country (in the North Island)  is called Northland.

I’m a born-and-bred Southlander, but I’m probably quite lucky they haven’t revoked my membership: I hate the famous Bluff oysters and despise whitebait. Yes, even though we own a couple of whitebait stands on the Mataura River, I can’t stand the little white wriggers. Ick.

My hometown of Invercargill is a pretty awesome little place, with a climate that isn’t quite as chilly as many of you out there seem to expect: sorry folks, there are no polar bears ice-skating down main street. But the sheep are pretty handy on a skateboard.

Not as handy as our Burt was on that awesome Indian of his though!

Seymour the Wonder Cat also lives here in Southland but he prefers to skip that whole “working” thing. Although, he does think Norman the Other Cat is hard work.

I like ducks, Spongebob Squarepants, Drambuie and Formula 1. Not necessarily in that order.

I fear heights and broad beans (they are just wrong on so many levels).

If you feel a compulsion to contact me you can leave a comment on any of my posts.

2 thoughts on “So who am I?”

  1. Hi ‘George’

    Surfing the bloggosphere and found your site – and I was most offended that you thought politician’s were boring. I find them a wealth of inspiration. So much so that I even wrote a handbook for them – More Gravy Please! It is on the web somewhere

    Anyhow, over here in Aus we have Ricky Lewis (of the Motoring Enthusaists Party)and Wayne Dropulich(of the Australian Sports Party) apparently elected to the Senate. Now you can’t call them boring can you?

  2. Jillian Allison-Aitken

    OK, I can’t disagree with you … they don’t seem to be boring. And to be fair, we do have our share of “interesting” politicians here in NZ as well (Winston Peters, Georgina Beyer, the mayor of my home town is Tim Shadbolt). Unfortunately, it seems to be those with bugger all worth hearing who have the most to say online. I’d happily read more from some of those more interesting and colourful dudes and dude-ettes. 🙂

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