Bugger, it’s gone missing …

doormatWell, this is embarrassing. It would appear that the page you are looking for has, well, um, disappeared. Like magic. But not like fun, exciting, spiffing magic.

Oh no, this has disappeared through the efforts of bad, nasty, smelly magic: the evil twin of good magic, in fact.

A while back (mid-2010, if I remember rightly) while using a different web-hosting company, my site was partially eaten by trolls during a WordPress upgrade and my host’s “automatic backup system” got all corrupted and mucky.

And, once again,  just to clarify: that wasn’t the fun let’s-have-a-shandy-and-make-prank-phone calls-while-we-giggle-in-our-underwear kind of corruption. Oh no, this was school-health-film-you’ll-get-a-disease-and-your-bits-will-turn-green-and-fall-off kind of corruption.

And indeed, bits did fall off. My site, that is.

Anyway, here are your options:

  1. If you are looking for the strangely popular “In-flight entertainment” post that got so many readers stressing about the possibility of me ending up in Gitmo back in 2008-ish, sorry, it seems to have disappeared;
  2.  Try entering something in the box to the right that says “Search & Hit Enter” (you never know your luck);
  3. Have a nosey around in the various categories.

Finally, I send greetings and happy thoughts to my current web host, a big finger to my old host that offered not one bit of helpful advice when my site fell over and this simple thought for anyone reading this right now:

If you plan to bugger off to another website, I hope your keyboard turns feral and eats your fingers.

All the best, George!


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