How about we worry about the REAL issue

Over the past week or so there has been a good bit of whinging over the planned name of a new organisation that aims to help vulnerable children in this country.

The old Child Youth and Family is being shut down so it can be replaced with a new agency next year: the Ministry for Vulnerable Children.

The Children’s Commissioner Andrew Becroft is having a moan: the name is, apparently, “cripplingly disappointing”. And Labour’s Children’s spokesperson Jacinda Ardern says the new department should improve the well being of “every child” not just those labelled as “vulnerable”.

FFS, what is wrong with these people? We have an appalling record of child deaths in this country. Far too many of our kids are killed by those who should be caring for them: of course they are fecking vulnerable. And of course those kids who are vulnerable need more help than others.

Instead of bleating over the name of the organisation, how about looking at WHY there are so many people abusing their children.

And don’t blame poverty, don’t blame society, don’t blame the government, don’t blame the music they listen to: blame those who are doing the damage. Blame the people who are hurting their kids.

We need to stop encouraging everyone to play the victim card and start making them take some responsibility for their own actions.

Our kids deserve to be safe. And the people who hurt them deserve to be held accountable.

Planned ‘Ministry for Vulnerable Children’ labelled ‘stigmatising’ and ‘cripplingly disappointing’

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