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Brittany Murphy dead

News reports say actress/singer Brittany Murphy has died of a cardiac arrest. She was just 32. Her films included 8 Mile and Clueless. ON THE WEB Brittany Murphy dies

Hold the front page: Simon Cowell gets waxed

I wonder if there’s a technical term for getting the hair on the backs of your hands removed. Y’know, a Brazilian is getting yer fufu plucked, so is the hand equivalent a … um, Mexican? Or a Ukranian perhaps?  I…

Dance magic!

Falling into the how-do-they-do-that category is this husband-and-wife magic act that featured in the United States television talent quest America’s Got Talent:

Guess who?

Think you know who this is?  Here’s a hint: it’s a singer.  Click here to find out if you are right.

Chris Knox improving

It looks like Chris Knox is on the road to recovery after his stroke last week.  The “Dunedin Sound” pioneer has been in hospital since he had a stroke on Thursday.  Let’s hope the Toy Love/Tall Dwarfs/The Nothing guru makes…