A for ingenuity; F for effectiveness

British anti-virus firm Sophos found a work wanted ad tucked away in the code of the MyDoom.U and MyDoom.V worms.

In a bad sign for the virus-writer, the worm isn’t spreading too fast but I suppose you have to give him or her an A for ingenuity.

If you use a webcam, take note: Sophos has found Rbot.GR virus doesn’t simply follow the usual trend of infecting hard drives, stealing passwords and launching denial-of-service attacks, the little sucker also takes over webcams and microphones to spy on unsuspecting victims.

Feel like you’re being watched?

Someone who doesn’t mind us spying on his daily routine is Kiwi film-meister Peter Jackson. Kong is King has all the latest news and goss from the King Kong set, including Jackson’s production diary.

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