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Did Mitsubishi steal the goat?

The two comments on my previous post, about Mitsubishi’s free goat offer claim the car-maker stole the idea from a Hamilton caryard by the name of Ideal Cars, and pointed me to a YouTube video. Which, of course, I watched. I’m on the fence on this one, guys. Yes, both businesses are offering a goat […]

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All over

Now that the Napier siege is all over we’re learning more and more about just what the cops were up against. And it sounds like it was probably fortunate more people weren’t injured or killed. Of course, all the armchair critics have been all over the web, spouting crap about what the cops should have

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Now here’s an idea that has merit: making bras tax-deductible. Jessica Irvine over at the Sydney Morning Herald has no end of sensible political arguments for just why this should happen, and good on her for putting so much thought into the subject. However, how I don’t think we even need to get political about

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Slogan shirt scandal

Yes folks, not all slogan T-shirts are true! Seems a bloke in Florida was wearing a shirt emblazoned with the message “I ♥ My Marriage”  while he tried to choke his wife. Nice, he sure sounds like a catch.

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The pleasant and the not-so-pleasant

Two different women received very different surprises recently. First up, the good news. A Swedish woman discovered she had a rather inflated bank balance recently. Nearly $2 billion had been deposited into her account. Sadly, it disappeared again as mysteriously as it appeared. Now for the slightly shocking surprise. An 86-year-old from Nebraska got a

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Gothic kitten seller to go to court

The nasty, kitten-mangling biarch who was selling “gothic kittens” with piercings has been ordered to stand trial. Her lawyer  reckons state law says nothing about piercing cats or docking their tails. It probably doesn’t explicitly prohibit poking red-hot poker up the rectums of kitten-mangling biarches, either. But I’m guessing it would be frowned upon. Let’s hope

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