Google lines up ‘next big thing’

So, are we all excited and abuzz over yesterday’s Google operating system announcement? 

GoogleOkay, so it will be a year before the OS is running on computers and it will be set up for netbooks to start with but even so, it’s big news. 

I like that it’s going to be based on Google’s Chrome, a web browser with a very nice interface. I’ve been a Firefox fan for a long time now and initially downloaded Chrome the day it was released so I could play around with it long enough to write a reasonably coherent review of it for the paper. However, I ended up hooked and am still using it. 

But don’t think I’ve abandoned Firefox, that’s what I use at work. 

Anyway, the Microsoft gurus might be feeling a wee tad twitchy but the best thing about all of this is that is good for us, the end-users. The more good, workable, user-friendly products competing in any category the better for us, because it means the companies making those products have to keep trying for better features, better reliability, better everything to keep us on board. 

I’m also looking forward to Windows 7, but I might be a geek. 

PS: Hope the nasty IE  8 security hole didn’t get you.

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