Bullshit bullfight traditions

There’s been plenty of backlash around the world over plans to slaughter the mother of a bull that fatally gored a Spanish matador, but I doubt that will stop the blood-thirsty cretins from going ahead with their plan.

Yes, you read that right: some knob decides he want to be a big, brave hero and be a matador, the bull gets the better of him, so those involved in the “sport” will kill of the mother of said bull to destroy the bloodline.

What a fucking crock of shit. Bullshit, in fact.

I don’t understand the obsession with bullfighting, rodeos, or any of the other so-called “sports” that exist mainly to torment, torture, injure and often kill animals. The same goes for big-game hunting, or any sort of hunting that involves killing an animal for fun rather than food. We’re top of the food chain, and we’re equipped to be omnivorous, so eating a good hunk of steak is normal. But as the critters at the top of the food chain, don’t we have a responsibility to treat other creatures well? Don’t hunt it unless you plan to eat it, don’t buy battery-farmed eggs (barn-raised are pretty damn dodgy, too … I’ve now seen the size of the barn used by what is one of NZ’s biggest, if not the biggest, egg supplier and no longer buy that brand. Free range or nothing!)

And don’t fecking partake of “sports” that involve harming or killing an animal for entertainment. That’s just sick.

Mother of bull that killed matador Victor Barrio to be slaughtered

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