Positive changes

I’m looking great, apparently. No, really: everyone keeps telling me how good I look at the moment.

It’s lovely to hear it, and I suppose I probably do look a tad healthier than I did a year ago. And even better, I’ve managed to control my normally inbuilt sarcasm and have refrained from responding to the compliments with “so I look great now? As opposed to normally looking like shit?”

Although, that’s probably because a year ago I did look like shit. I certainly felt like it!

The “you look great” comment is generally always followed by “how did you do it?” I think everyone expects some sort of earth-shattering answer along the lines of me discovering some until-now-unheard-of herb or magic potion, so they always look a bit shocked when I offer up the whole “heart failure” response.

Anyway, it is lovely to be complimented but also a wee bit embarrassing. And I think the next time someone says I look great and asks how I did it, I’ll tell them I’ve started the new alcohol diet: it’s fuckin’ great … I’ve lost 3 days in the first week!

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