We are not alone

One day, an anonymous All Black was perfecting his haka technique for the upcoming big game.

As he went about his business, somewhere in outer space a little alien was watching him with interest.

 ”Ka mate, ka mate, ka ora, ka ora  … ” was the cry. The alien was intrigued, wondering how the brains of these feeble-looking Earthlings fared in comparison to his superior Martian grey matter.

Using his super-duper alien technology, he managed to remove a quarter of the rugby player’s brain without him feeling a thing.

“Ka mate, ka mate … ” continued the All Black.

The alien was even more intrigued, so he broke out the technology again and removed half the Kiwi’s brain.

And still he continued with his haka: “Ka mate, ka mate … ”

By this stage the wee alien was astounded. Here was this Earthling with 75 percent of his brain removed and he was still functioning normally. How could that be?

Finally, the alien decided to remove what was left of his Earthly brain. Surely that would stop him in his tracks! Surely with no brain and no knowledge of anything he’d be too stupid to perform?

And the wee alien watched and listened in amazement at the Earthling began to sing: “Waltzing Matilda, waltzing Matilda … ”

(PS: No offence intended, I really do like Aussies!)

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