Halo 3 out in NZ first, after much anticipation

halo3_052Kiwi gamers were the first in the world to get their hands on the latest chapter in the most popular Xbox game.

The hugely anticipated Halo 3 was finally launched at 12.01 yesterday morning.

Harvey Norman Invercargill computer proprietor Rachel Bryce said at least 45 people turned up at midnight for the release, and the game sold ” very, very quickly”.

“We had a few people come back this morning, to pick up their orders, who looked like they’d been playing all night.”

One customer managed to complete the game in seven hours without a break, Mrs Bryce said.

Harvey Norman sales specialist Matt Murray said there was a lot of positive comment from customers about the quality of the graphics, which many said were a big improvement on previous versions.

Customers also liked that up to four players could now play at the game at the same time, which allowed people to team up with other players, Mr Murray said.

Tauranga gamers Nicole Sinclair and Ryan Marsden, both 19, were the first people in the world to receive a copy of it at the worldwide premiere launch event held in Auckland, where celebrity fans including Dave Fane, Dai Henwood, PNC, Frontline, Savage and Ben Boyce (Pulp Sport’s Bill & Ben) got hands-on with the game.

Stores across the country also opened their doors at midnight to meet demand from gamers.

The Auckland launch featured a 1-tonne block of ice with 50 discs frozen inside it.

From 6am yesterday, members of the public got to play a game dubbed the Halo 3 Ice Block Buster to try to free the discs as the ice melted, aided by water pistols.

Prizes included Samsung LCD TVs, Xbox 360 games consoles and Halo 3 games.

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