Xbox 360 Elite adds versatility

Xbox fans with a few spare dollars burning a hole in their pocket have a new toy to consider.

Microsoft yesterday unveiled the much anticipated Xbox 360 Elite console. It features a sleek black finish and joins the 360 and Core consoles in the Xbox lineup.

It will include a 120GB hard drive, a high-definition multimedia interface port, a high-definition cable, and a premium black finish for the console, wireless controller and Xbox LIVE headset.

It has enough space for a library of Xbox LIVE Arcade games and 1000 songs, as well as the downloadable high-definition TV shows and movies that will be available soon on Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

The new 120GB hard drive also will be sold as a stand-alone accessory to give current Xbox 360 console owners more flexibility.

Other Elite accessories, such as the black wireless controller, will also be available separately.

The console will be available in New Zealand in limited supply from winter, and Microsoft is advising potential buyers to pre-order.

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