Clean Bill of health


Mr Microsoft himself, Bill Gates, has stunned the computer world by announcing that he’s never had a computer virus. That makes two of us, Bill.

The comment was made during a speech at the Computer History Museum in California, when Mr Gates announced that Microsoft planned to tackle the growing spyware problem.

Microsoft bashers like to tell anyone who will listen that all Windows programs are full of security holes but it stands to reason that the most widely used system will be the favourite target of the assorted hackers and script kiddies. If I were going to design something to damage cars I wouldn’t aim it at Skodas (no offense to any Skoda drivers out there).

Interestingly, Mozilla’s Firefox, the browser du jour for anyone wanting to escape Internet Explorer, has a bug of its own that could let a hacker delete files from your computer. There’s a patch available at Mozilla’s website.

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