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A sensible decision

As a parent I know I have a responsibility to protect my child (not that he’s a child any more … he’s a fully fledged, hairy young man). When he was just a wee fella, my most important mission in…


Osama bin Gone

The jokes are popping up everywhere now that it’s been confirmed Osama bin Laden is dead. Letterman used it for his top 10 list, suggesting bin Laden’s final words may have been something along  the lines of  ”I need a…


The man for the job

You really have to wonder what possessed Mr and Mrs Guy to name their little boy Randy. They must be proud of his career achievements, though. The headline on Asian Banking & Finance? “Randy Guy gets head job“. Well, yes,…


Boo-fecking-hoo, poor baby

Did we all feel sorry for the pillock in court last week, facing charges over a high-speed chase? He was “petrified”, according to the news report. Poor boy thought the police would stop chasing him once he hit speeds of…