Going, going … nope, still here

I’m sure it was a relief to everyone when the world didn’t end on Friday. Except, of course, the wrinkly old bugger who keeps predicting the end of the world.

After his disastrous efforts in predicting the end of times back in March, 90-year-old Harold Camping had another crack at it, saying the March date was actually Judgment Day — “a spiritual moment when the righteous would be chosen”  — and really a bit of a warm-up for the rapture, which is meant to happen five months after Judgment Day. That was October 21,  which has been and gone and (brace yourselves): we’re still here.

Just in case ol’ Harry the Doomsayer decides to offer up another date any time soon, you might want to pop along to Rapture Ready to prepare yourself for the end of days.

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