Are we any better?

chinaEveryone has been up in arms about the awful story out of China today about a hit and run incident involving a toddler. And rightly so.

The little girl had wandered off from her mum and was knocked over by a van. The driver didn’t stop and, even more worryingly, neither did a dozen or so passersby. No, they all just wandered past the critically injured little girl, leaving her on the road.

Awful, truly awful. But are we any better?

Okay, so the “let’s ignore it” attitude might be slightly better disguised but were the actions of those who ignored that little girl any worse than those of the family members of the so many children beaten and abused in this country?

Every time a child dies at the hands of someone who should have cared for them, there is always at least one person who should have known what was happening.

I don’t think we can be tut-tutting and wringing our hands over what happened in China until we do better ourselves.

And yes, I know the video of the hit and run is available on the net but I have chosen not to link to it. It’s disturbing and if you really want to see it, I’m sure you know how to use Google.

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