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Moving pictures … it’s a technological marvel!

Video: Four legs and two wheels

I have a four-legged Norman. She’s a cat, not a dog. And a she, not a he. And I very much doubt I could train her to ride a bike. She has staff for that sort of thing.

Oops, I wonder who she was phoning?

Someone in the Sky News newsroom had a wee bit of a nightmare the other morning: the poor bloke doing the weather just before 9.30am on December 5 had to content with a woman making a phonecall, with her mic…

A blast from the not-so-musical past

Oh dear, I had forgotten just how bad this was.

I’m not sure how it happened, but while minding my own business and surfing the net the other day I stumbled across this old gem from 2012: Lisa Gail Allred’s 3 Second Rule. Holy crap, I’d forgotten just how awful it was. Anyway, now that it’s stuck in my brain AGAIN (dammit), I think it’s only fair that I should inflict it on someone else.

You’re welcome!

Play that funky music …

And now for something completely different, and something of a trip down memory lane for those of us who are of a slightly more, ahem, mature vintage: do you remember the Benny Hill Show and it’s catchy little theme tune…

That personal touch

Now for something completely different. And pretty cool to boot: a wedding. If you haven’t yet seen the viral video of Father Ray Kelly’s surprise, personalised rendition of Hallelujah at the wedding of Chris and Leah, you’re in for a treat. While you might expect it to be a bit corny, it’s anything but. And the dude has a pretty decent voice.