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A good excuse to not clean the car

Artist Scott Wade of Dirty Car Art isn’t afraid of doing his own dirty work. Living on a dusty road near San Marcos, Texas, provides Scott with the perfect canvas. You see, his art is lovingly rendered in the dust…

Gentlemen, start your … calculators

Ooh, quick … before the end of 2008, check this out! Calculate your age by preferences for eating out Pick the number of times a week you’d like to eat out (more than once, of course. But no more than…

Whakanuia Te Wiki o te Reo Maori

It’s Maori Language Week so point your browser to Korero Maori and polish up your skills. Maori Language Week runs from July21 to 27 and the theme for 2008 is “Te Reo i te Kainga – Maori Language in the…

Reliving the 80s

Here’s another one some of you might be too young to remember: Tetris.

Have you ever played it? How about Human Tetris? Swiss artist Guillaume Reymond did just that using a bunch of people, and auditorium and a spot of stop-motion video:

And for those of you who are too young to know Tetris, it’s the original falling blocks game — both simple and addictive.

Use the net to sort out your Easter

It’s very nearly Easter and everyone I talk to about their plans for the weekend seems a bit put out and somewhat surprised by what they see as the early arrival of the holiday. There is, of course, a quite…

Time comes to a standstill

The latest on my list of must-see YouTube videos is an improv event from New York.

You take 200-plus people, turn up at Grand Central Station and at a predetermined time, everyone freezes on the spot for several minutes.

Then, like magic, they all start moving again at the same time. The reactions of onlookers are classic.
Maybe we should try that on Esk St on a Friday night just to confuse the hell out of the boy racers.

Hair, hair

Movember is well under way and it’s been interesting following the progress of the various competitive moustache-growers about the place and the spot of controversy that erupted via (once again) the Trade Me message board.  It amazes me that people…

Just a tiddler

  No big deal: Our planet is a mere blip. There’s a link that has been doing the rounds via e-mail lately that might just put it all in perspective. If you’ve ever pondered your place in the universe, the…

Reason to drink #1376

Woohoo, it looks like I’ve finally got something to blame my poor memory on. An Auckland University study reckons that having a drink or two might just enhance your memory and can even help Alzheimer’s sufferers. I wonder if that…