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Xbox for Xmas but PS3 will come later

Microsoft says its next-generation Xbox 360 console will go on sale in the United States on November 22, in time for the Christmas shopping season. Its European and Japanese debuts will take place a few weeks later. The software giant…

Look! One hand, no wires and built-in rumble

Video game-maker Nintendo has broken with more than 20 years of tradition by abandoning the two-handed controller option in favour of a funky, one-handed unit. The slimline controller will be central to the company’s upcoming console system, code-named Revolution. While…

Hi-tech sunnies on the way

Oakley is jumping into the electronic age with sunglasses that play music and work with cellphones. Following the success of its digital music-playing Thump sunglasses, Oakley plans to introduce its phone-ready Razrwire range this month.


Trend Micro caused more than a few headaches for users when it made a faulty update available at the weekend. The anti-virus update was available on the company’s site for 90 minutes. The problem arose because a bug in the…

Bits, bobs and gaming

(This is the Online column, written for The Southland Times) I’m not a technological wizard but I am a fan of gadgets and geeky stuff, so right now it feels like geek heaven with WinHec this week and E3 next…

Telecom offers up prizes

Telecom has slashed residential calling rates to 55 countries this weekend and one customer will have the chance to win a $5000 travel voucher. Okay, so it’s not as good as grabbing $8.5 million in Lotto but $5000 is not…

Playing safe

The word on the net is that updates in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 will focus on improved security. No surprise there. It also looks likely to ship separately from the new Longhorn operating system.

Steady as she goes

IBM has announced plans for a new mouse adaptor aimed at aiding computer users with hand tremors. It will license the Assistive Mouse Adapter to British manufacturing firm Montrose Secam. The device uses similar “steady cam” technology found in camcorders.