Winner winner chicken dinner

Beckham junior, the foodie

It’s easy to dismiss the lifestyles of celebrity offspring as nothing more than nepo babies showing off their wealth and privilege. And it’s true that some of them really are just overindulged wee brats. But sometimes it feels like the trolls just love to have a crack at anyone and everyone.

Brooklyn Beckham has apparently committed the ultimate sin of having aspirations. Bad nepo baby!

The poor kid (yes I’m old, I can call him a kid) is something of a wannabe foodie and likes to post videos on social media of his cooking efforts. Oh, how dare he!

Every time he posts a cooking video, the trolls crawl out from under their bridges with a bunch of bitchy comments about the food, the cost, his tattoos, etc. Funnily enough though, of all those leaving snarky comments, not one seems to have actually tried out the recipes. Go figure.

The latest, featuring some pretty tasty looking fried chook, has prompted an online tantrum from the web whingers of the world. How dare he use (gasp) 2 cups of buttermilk? Doesn’t he know that there are people out there who are broke?

And how dare he fill a pan with ever-so-expensive oil to cook his chook? I refer you again to the people with depleted bank balances.

The thing is, every single one of is is probably better off than someone else out there; every single one of us probably appears to be incredibly wasteful in how we live and what we spend to someone else out there. Wealth is subjective.. What is or isn’t a waste of money is subjective. 

And let’s be honest: there are plenty of other “nepo babies” out there who are doing things that offend me a lot more than cooking some bloody chicken! How about that shitty quality, overpriced makeup that one of those talentless “famous for big arses, sex tapes and being dim” family members is hocking off? 

Yeah mate, I’ll take that chicken recipe any day.

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