Covid response bumbling, bungling and silenced



As much as the conspiracy theorists and general idiots are whining about us locking down here, we should all be thankful we’ve avoided the chaos of the northern hemisphere.

Coronavirus is still spreading there like wildfire, and despite the claims from the morons of this world that it’s nothing more than a head cold, it is claiming lives. It’s a brand new virus, our immune systems are vulnerable.  I guess those naysayers figure it’s not important if it isn’t someone they care about.

Anyhoo, a study by Professor Neil Ferguson’s Imperial College unit in the UK charted the spread of the virus using data on deaths. Their modelling shows infections rocketed from 200,000 to 1.5 million in the days before lockdown as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson fluffed about, trying to decide what to do. 

Yes, between March 3 and March 14, Covid-19 cases in the UK jumped from 11,000 to 200,000. 
Johnson’s government had been warned that 250,000 could die without a lockdown but it wasn’t until March 14 that it was decided some sort of lockdown would be needed, and then a further 9 days until it actually happened. By that point, Imperial reckons there were 1.5 million cases.

There has been some debate about Ferguson’s numbers lately, but even if that estimate of 1.5 million is inflated, there is no doubt the virus was spreading like crazy, the NHS was absolutely swamped and lack of action was costing lives.

Meanwhile, it sounds like things are not at all great in Russia, with Putin looking a lot less like the in-control hard man he likes to present to the world. OK, so a few medics who dared to speak up on how badly Covid was hitting there have mysteriously fallen out of windows, but aside from that, Mr Putin reckons everything’s sweet as, bro.

I wonder if he’s tried chucking the virus out a window?

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