Great expectations


It seems that the are of receiving a gift has been lost in recent years, as we hear more and more often about people making crazy and often unreasonable demands for gift expectations.

There was a time, when a gift was something awesome, and often a surprise. As all good gifts should be. Note: To qualify as a good gift, it should also be good surprise. I was once surprised by a Christmas gift from my other half that was surprisingly … well, bad. A toaster. Er, sorry, household appliances don’t fit the “good surprise category”. Might as well give someone a toilet brush and a bottle of bleach.

But I digress. 

Everyone getting hitched these days seems to ask for cash rather that a well-thought-out gift (a bit tacky, but whatever floats your boat I guess). To be honest, I reckon if you really need to ask your “guests” to stump up some cash to cover the cost of your nuptials, perhaps it’s time to think a little less flashy.

Anyhoo, the latest gifting drama-rama involves a two-year-old and an out-of-control mother. A user on Mumsnet (where else!) says she was presented with a gift list for her niece’s birthday, along with strict instructions on minimum required spending for said niece.

She said her brother even told her not to “bother” buying his daughter a present if it wasn’t among those already picked out and on the approved list.

Seriously, get over yourselves people. We are talking about a two-year-old. She didn’t make the list or set the spending limit, her idiot parents did. Sadly, it’s self-entitled adults turning their youngsters into self-entitled kids. The kid would probably be just as happy with a bag of jelly beans and some crayons.

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