Act now … or tomorrow … or next week


Are you a procrastinator? I am to a minor degree, but I think that’s just human nature: we’re not always keen to do things that are hard work or a bit boring. Apparently though, it’s something we should cure by taking a course. An online course, in fact.

Get The Darned Thing Done – How To Beat Procrastination In 14 Days was given a somewhat glowing review by a reporter for the Mail Online last year, who said the course would set you back the paltry sum of £247 (about $465 in Kiwi dollars). A more recent price advertised on Mindset, official website for the provider of this course, has it advertised at a special price of just shy of £100. Cheap at half the price, as they say. I wonder if you get a free set of steak knives?

Now I don’t know about you, but I reckon if you’re motivated enough to do an online course, you’re probably not really a dedicated procrastinator. A truly talented, hard-core procrastinator would (at the very best) enrol, but never get around to doing the first assignment.

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