tap-tap-tap … Is this thing on?

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger, not posting here for months. I apologise for abandoning you (not that it’s likely anyone’s noticed) but – for a few months at least – life got in the way.

It’s been an interesting old time, with my dodgy heart actually behaving like a not-so-dodgy heart and now it’s looking more likely that I won’t need the heart surgery that had been hanging over my head since last month. I had another ECG and ultrasound done last weekend and the technician said everything looked pretty good so it will be interesting to see what my cardiologist has to say at my next appointment.

Strangely, now that I’m not working stupidly long hours I seem to constantly run out of time to blog, or do much writing in general. I’ve been hit by a bout of spring cleaning fever and have been clearing out wardrobes and cupboards, re-organising shelves, defrosting freezers and generally being a domestic goddess. Without the nice pinny or good manners. Hmm, more of a domestic biarch I guess.

Any-hoo,  I reckon once I’m finished with all the spring cleaning madness I might just get a little more organised on the writing side of things.

Stay tuned, I might be back to torment you soon.


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