Cab # 202: you rock

Just to prove that I’m not ALWAYS in a pissed off mood, I recommend Invercargill Taxis, cab # 202.

Why? Well, we were at Farmers on the Saturday before Christmas and it was chaos. We were leaving the car park and expecting it to take forever because of the volume of traffic from Farmers, the Warehouse across the road and the lights and crossing between the two (when we arrived traffic was backed up for as far as the eye could see because the lights weren’t green long enough each time to clear the backlog of cars get across the crossing, so the cars trying the leave the two car parks on opposite sides of the road were also backed up. Oh joy!)

Anyway, we were leaving the car park with the expectation that we’d be waiting for a while, when a lovely driver in an Invercargill Taxis car stopped to let us out. So thank you cab 202, I hope you had a splendiferous Christmas.

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