The traveller returns

Our wee trip away was relaxing and reasonably quiet: a few days in the capital, followed by a couple of days in Dunedin, including a visit to the cardiologist.

It’s now confirmed that aside from the dilated cardiomyopathy, I also have a left bundle branch blockage, which means the left side of my heart isn’t working in synch with the right side. The plan is to continue to attack the first problem with drugs (lots of them, taking my daily dose of beta blockers from the current 6mg a day to 50mg a day) in the hope that there will be no further damage to my heart and it will begin to function at a better level. I’m also scheduled to have an angiography done in October and if the bundle branch blockage doesn’t improve fairly quickly, the doc wants to consider cardiac resynchronisation therapy.

Wonder if I can get an iPad dock built in?

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