Norman’s big night in


As the smallest person in our bed, Norman the Cat takes up the most space. Most nights I wake up clinging to the side of the bed, wondering how the hell I have ended up very nearly on the floor when we have what most would consider a fairly decent sized bed: a super king.

The above photo has answered my question: the cat likes to stretch out, taking up as much space as us humans will allow. Every time I move even a millimetre, Norman stretches out to take up more space. And she likes to sleep sideways. And upside down. With her feet in the air.

Oh, and if you can see your way clear to giving her a tummy rub while she’s snoozing in the position, she really appreciates it.

I did get the last laugh though: she actually managed to fall out of be herself the other night when she got just a little too relaxed, rolled over and misjudged the distance.

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