Milkshakes a dying breed?

milkshakeWhy is it so hard to find a half-way decent milkshake in good old Invercargill?

Once in a blue moon, I have a hankering for a good, old-fashioned milk shake and it’s always the same old thing I want: caramel or jaffa with ice cream.

Bell’s used to be the place to go but not so much any more … the last time I tried one of their concoctions I ended up with something that was sickly sweet and hovering somewhere around room temperature.

Sass Cafe at least manage to produce something cold. Just a shame it was tasteless. Well, that’s not entirely true: there was just enough flavour to make it taste decidedly weird. Ick.

The next attempt was at Devil Burger, where it was back to sickly sweet and not cold. In fact, this time around it was almost warm-ish.

Double ick.

And the really sad thing? The examples above were the best of those I’ve tasted: dairies and coffee bars around Invercargill have been disappointing me with their manky milky offerings that are both close to room temperature and close to tasteless.

Is a good milkshake a thing of the past? And no, I don’t count those McDonald’s-style made-with-soft-serve-ice cream (and I use the words ice cream very loosely) as milkshake … they are more a pottle of processed slush and sugar.

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