Poor wee ronery dictator

I realise there are some people out there who lack something in the brain cell department, but when someone is in the public eye you’d think they’d make an effort to know what they’re talking about.

But, when it comes to celebutards who are famous for nothing more than living their lives in public, that’s too much to ask.

Some silly bint on the Pommy version of Jersey Shore (something called The Only Way is Essex) was scheduled to be interviewed on an early morning TV show the day the death of North Korea’s favourite dictator was announced. Naturally, her interview was bumped because a dead Kim Jong Il will aways trump a live-ish bimbo.

Anyway, the aforementioned bimbo took to Twitter to tell the world her interview had been canned and ended her message with “Rest in peace”.

Afterwards, when the drama-rama had died down and she’d pulled the offending tweet, she admitted she didn’t know much about him. No surprises there.

So Kim Jong Il, hope it’s particularly toastie where you are now and I’m sure you won’t be lonely, with Saddam and Osama there to keep you company.

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