Hot buns provoke God squad

You know you’ve really made it in the world of rock when you piss off the God botherers.

The Foo Fighters are trekking around the United States at the moment as part of their ginormous tour that will see them end up in Auckland in December. To promote their tour, the boys in the band put together a wee porn spoof titled Hot Buns. And what’s not to like: bare bums, a shower scene and Queen’s Body Language as a soundtrack.

It’s been popping up all over the web but the sad gits from the Westboro Baptist Church stumbled across it and spat the dummy. Westboro are the shameful bastards who are notorious for picketing at military funerals.

Anyway, they’re not happy about the Hot Buns clip and have had a whinge about it, threatening to picket the Foo Fighters’ concerts.

According to a story on USA Today:

the fringe Christian group complained that entertainers teach “fornication, adultery, idolatry.” It condemned Hollywood as “hard-hearted, Hell-bound and hedonistic.”

I feel cheated: entertained teach fornication, adultery, idolatry? Since when? Doesn’t everyone learn about fornication behind the bike shed at school or on Facebook?

But honestly, what is it with these fake Christians who preach at us about all the things we’re doing wrong, all the while seasoning their work with a healthy dose of hatred.

Since when did being a Christian mean hating everyone who doesn’t agree with you?

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