Taking the man out of mana

Apparently attacking your pregnant ex isn’t such a big deal. Especially if you have your mana to protect.

A manager at Te Papa had a row with his ex while visiting her and their toddler. The child got a bleeding nose after being hit by a door during a struggle between her parents and the fine, upstanding specimen of manhood that is her father (and the father of the unborn child) threw a hissy fit at his ex over a cellphone: he held the woman down by her hair, rubbed water from the toilet in her face and told her to “eat shit”.

What a class act.

But it seems the fact that he’d been drinking before the assault, that a conviction might impact on his ability to travel as part of his job and might even *gasp* severely impact on his mana meant he was discharged without conviction.

Somehow I doubt this man had any mana to start with.

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