Are people tiring of Facebook?

(This is the Online column, written for The Southland Times)

Has Facebook peaked? Has the bubble burst? Will it still be part of our lives a decade from now.

I’m sure these burning questions are  on everyone’s lips after the Inside Facebook report this week that shows as Facebook gets close to having 700 million users around the world, the social networking site has actually had a decent drop in traffic in the United States and Canada.

Of course Facebook reckons the numbers might be wrong, but with all the grumbling about lack of respect for our privacy I wouldn’t be surprised if users got a little twitchy. I know I  have. However, I’m constantly surprised by just how much personal information many of my online friends choose to share with the rest of the world and by how blasé they are about their privacy.

My biggest issue with Facebook is all the apps and games and their not-so-subtle attempts to worm their way into my life.

No, I don’t want to play Farmville or Mafia Wars and no, I certainly don’t want to give some third-party bit of  software access to my Facebook login.

The Guardian has a piece on how to deactivate your Facebook account but if, like me, you want to continue to use Facebook without compromising your privacy, just make sure you keep on top of those pesky privacy settings.

And speaking of keeping yourself safe, watch out for all the scam emails floating around at the moment.

This  morning alone I’ve had messages claiming to be from Trade Me, ASB, Kiwibank and eBay. They all want me to update my login information and, given half a chance, they would all steal my accounts, my money and possibly even the cat.

Be careful out there.

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