Xtra-ordinary lack of customer service

If Xtra is your ISP, or if you’ve been on Trade Me, you are probably aware of the problems currently being experienced by Xtra’s customers: no international traffic. No facebook, no offshore news websites, no eBay (if that’s your thing) no … well, no anything that involves an overseas server. Like the photos on my website (my site is hosted by a New Zealand company, the photos are hosted by Flickr).

Like many of you, I’ve tried calling Xtra’s broadband helpline. What a waste of time: the message simply says they’re all busy so call back later.

Add to that the fact that the Xtra webpage has also been missing in action and you have a lot of pissed off users! Surely they could have added a little something to their pre-recorded message saying “yep, we know it’s buggered and are working on it.”

For anyone who hadn’t been on the Trade Me message board to see the many threads on the issue, it would all have still been a mystery. There are probably still hundreds of people out there thinking the problem is with their computer.

With so many years perfecting the art of cocking up, you’d think they’d be better at handling it by now. Boo-hiss @ Telecom/Xtra.

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