Boo-fecking-hoo, poor baby

Did we all feel sorry for the pillock in court last week, facing charges over a high-speed chase?

He was “petrified”, according to the news report. Poor boy thought the police would stop chasing him once he hit speeds of 160kmh so he kept going … and so did the cops. Eventually, he reached 190kmh, which is when the whole “petrified” thing happened.

According to that same court report, the moron in question was spotted driving a car that had been reported stolen.

Judge Barry said Stirling … sped away from police … reaching speeds of 120kmh in the 50kmh residential area.

Stirling had to swerve around vehicles endangering people in the residential area and also putting his life and the lives of his passengers at risk … Police laid road spikes in Havelock, causing the vehicle to mount a kerb, Stirling and a passenger fled the scene while Stirling’s younger brother remained in the car.

Now, I think you’ll find it wasn’t a case of the driver “had to swerve around vehicles” but more a case of him choosing to do that. He could have stopped, after all.

And as for the police road spikes causing the vehicle to mount a kerb … sheesh, once again, it was the idiot driver who did that.

We need to get away from blaming the cops for high-speed pursuits and instead put the blame where it belongs: on the shoulders of the fuck-tards who think they can get away with any crime by speeding away.

They should have Tasered the little cretin once they got him back to the cells, just for the sheer fun of it.

Oh, and I couldn’t believe his laywer trundled out the old “take pity on him because he’s from a broken home” line. I thought that one went out of fashion in the 1970s.


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