They need a hobby

I’m from a big family: one of 8 kids, the youngest in fact. However, I just can’t begin to get my head around having 18 kids. And praying for more.

According to the news report: “Super-parents Gil and Kelly Bates love babies so much, they¬†can’t stop having them.”

Super-parents? Really? Just having a whole bunch of kids doesn’t mean they’re good parents. Besides, maybe it’s not babies they love so much. They might just be fans of shagging.

Anyway, the Tennessee couple are hoping to surpass the Arkansas-based Duggars in the baby stakes (they’ve got 19 right now). Come on folks, it’s not a competitive sport.

Although, it seems like the Olympics officials will recognise pretty much anything as a sport these day so who knows, one day in the future we might be watching synchronised baby birthing.

And really, how the hell would you remember all those names?


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