Marketing: how not to do it

I have never been a fan of Slingshot’s method of marketing but I’m even less inclined to think kindly of them after the recent news that they were regularly breaching Telecom’s security to gain an edge in the poaching of customers.

Sales staff for Slingshot say they would use Telecom’s Wireline database sometimes thousands of times a day to find personal account details of Telecom customers and then offer them better deals.

Why not just offer decent deals in the first place? Seems to work for 2 Degrees Mobile!

Telecom is, naturally, a bit peeved at the whole situation and hasn’t ruled out going to the police.

I just can’t believe that even though Slingshot’s (oops, almost typed Slingshit there, is my subconscious trying to tell me something?) marketing people had access to all the inside info an still couldn’t offer me anything that made me want to become a customer.

Listen up Slingshot because here, free of charge, are my three reasons you’ll never get me to sign up for your service:

  1. Telemarketers phoning at dinner time always put me off.
  2. The Telecom sucks so change to us marketing method isn’t going to work with me.  I hate that ploy … tell my why you are good, not why your competitor is bad.
  3. Try employing telemarketers who don’t sound like petulant teenagers when they get a “no thanks” from the customer.


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