What’s black and white and …

It looks like the new England rugby team uniform hasn’t got the fan overly excited. Especially when it comes to the price for one of the new dark grey shirts.

Traditionally, fans like to wear all the same gear as their grunting, sweaty heroes. It wouldn’t be the same without a grandstand-load of loud rugby fans cheering on their favourite team while looking like they’ve been to a fire sale.

Besides, how will the opposing fans know who to chuck the beer bottles at if they aren’t wearing the right uniform?

The dark grey colour has been a bit controversial, with the England team being referred to as the Almost Blacks by some.

Heh, they wish: don’t play like ’em and they don’t fill out the shirts as well as our Dan Carter.

But I digress. Apparently fans will have to pay up to £90 a pop for the shirts, which with our lousy exchange rate means they’ll cost about … er, the same as a three-bedroomed house in Ohai. Or a latte and muffin in Auckland.


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