Interview goes West

Not content with making something of a dick of himself at last year’s VMAs, Kanye West has polished up his King of the Arrogant Morons crown in time for an interview on the Today show.

He was on the show to respond to George Bush’s claim that West calling him a racist was the worst moment of his presidency.

Needless to say, the interview didn’t go well. West bumbled his way through most of the questions, managing to give vague non-answers for all of them.

Then, the conversation turned to the moment he leapt on-stage at the VMA awards last year to steal Taylor Swift’s moment in the spotlight and tell the world that he thought Beyonce was more deserving, Matt Lauer raised the point that his actions that day were seen by many as also being racist. As that part of the interview was happening, the show’s technical-types played a clip of the now infamous event with the sound barely there.

West got a tad upset at that: “Don’t let that happen … it’s like ridiculous”.

Well, yes, his behaviour was ridiculous. Unfortunately, I don’t think that was what he meant.

Not surprisingly, reports are saying his new media trainer has now quit after less than a week in the job.

I suppose it’s hard to work for someone who only takes their foot out of their mouth to put the other one in.

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