My shit list gets a new entry

Congratulations TV3, you have made the grade. Again.

Yes, you suck. Like something really sucky.

I still haven’t forgiven you idiots for the whole Dexter debacle (you know, when they ran Dexter for just a few episodes in a non-primetime slot, decided it wasn’t rating well enough so pulled it). Now, we’ve got the Top Chef debacle. This is where they ran it for a few episodes, decided it wasn’t rating well enough so pulled it.

Um, is there an echo in here?

Three episodes? Three fecking episodes? And now I see they’ve announced on their website that it will be back on our screens from September 4. Will it be repeated from episode one? Will it be picked up from where it left off? Will they even play the whole damn series this time?

Who knows. All I know is they think repeats of Grand Designs will do as a replacement option and that I’m about ready to give up on TV3.

I’m one of those people who will avoid surfing sites that might have spoilers associated with whatever reality programme I’m interested in but this time around I decided to seek out the result on the official Top Chef site because TV3′s  programmers hadn’t decided when Top Chef would be back and I’d seen enough of the series to really want to know what happened. And now that I know, I doubt I’ll bother watching the series when it does return. That’s not a reflection on the winner, it’s a reflection on the stump the brains trust at TV3.

And you know what? Just to add to the “things I hate about TV3″ list, they cocked up tonight with Outrageous Fortune, cutting Pascalle off in mid-sentence before rolling the credits.

Way to go guys. I hope you all get a fungus in your dangly bits.

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