Our ridiculous new law

The protest are mounting against the new law that will be inflicted upon us from next week but are the politicians listening? 

And more to the point, do they care?

The drama is all over “Section 92a”, a proposed amendment to our copyright law that’s scheduled to become a happening thing from February 28.

This ridiculous piece of legislation says internet service providers “must adopt and reasonably implement a policy that provides for termination” of accounts used by anyone deemed a “repeat infringer”.

Now here’s the best bit: Those “repeat offenders” who much be “terminated” don’t necessarily have to actually be convicted of a crime, nothing has to be proved. Just accused.

What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Net providers are going to be lumbered with the job of policing the whole thing, an unenviable task. 

While I agree with the need to stamp out copyright violations via illegal downloading of movies and music, pirated programs, image theft or any other method, I don’t think this is the way to go about it.

What happens if Telecom, Vodafone or Slingshot doesn’t stop someone? Will they be given a penalty for not enforcing the law? Or how about if they terminate the account of someone who wasn’t breaching copyright? Someone with money and a good lawyer?

For once, I actually feel sorry for the like of Telecom. ISPs are going to be in an incredibly messy spot with this one.

British actor Stephen Fry has joined in the protest, bringing international attention to our plight. He’s raised the issue on his Twitter page and has blacked out his profile image as part of the Creative Freedom blackout protest.

If you want join in the blackout, sign the petition or simly learn more, click on that blackout link above.

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