Looking good

computer security

As expected, the trip to Sydney was informative and more than a little interesting.

Symantec has listened to its users and — building on the improvements offered up in the 2008 software — is aiming for “zero-impact”. This doesn’t mean the software won’t use any system resources because, well, the only way ANY software could do that would be if you left it in the box and never installed it.

No, your new Norton software will tick away quietly in the background, only bursting into life to perform scans etc when it recognises that your system is idle. Thereby having zero impact on your computer use.

There’s also some other big changes coming, like pulse updates (that will have your system protected with the latest info from Symantec every 5 to 15 minutes), what looks to be sturdy integration of all forms of protection (from virus to phishing and everything in between) and a tidy looking interface.

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