Bill’s set to retire at 52 without aid of Lotto

(This is the Online column, written for The Southland Times)

Lucky old Bill Gates, eh? He’s made his fortune and is now able to do what most of us can only hope to achieve with the aid of a Lotto win: he’s retiring rich and young.

Yes, kiddies, 52 really is young.

And there’s no doubting the $US50-something billion he has for a retirement fund backs up the rich part of the description.

I know many computer users will look at the size of young Mr Gates’ nest egg and grumble about what we pay for software but you know what, Microsoft is simply doing what any good company should aim for: making a profit. The company sells us the software at the best price we’re prepared to pay. Isn’t that how business works? Besides, he’s used all that money to do a whole lot of good in the world.

He’s had a bit of fun with his impending retirement, proving that not only does he have a sense of humour, he’s also prepared to laugh at himself, with a spoof video of his final day at the office featuring at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in January.

Bill Gates is living proof that being a geek isn’t such a bad thing.

He’s been able to hang out with the Rock and Slash and lives in an incredibly cool house.

And not a pocket protector in sight.

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