Xtra: service advice

Thank you for spending $20 million in an extreme makeover for your e-mail service. 

I’m sure the revamp was done with the best of intentions but, as the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. 

The new and supposedly improved service is only a month old but I’m pretty sure it’s aged me 20 years. That’s $1 million for each extra batch of wrinkles. Impressive — even my husband hasn’t managed that. 
It’s good that you automatically upgraded all customers to the new service so we don’t have to worry our pretty little heads about how we can hook ourselves up with all that lovely extra mailbox storage space available — up from 12MB to a much more user-friendly 100MB. I could have done with that when I was in hospital for a week and came home to an overflowing inbox and a message from Xtra saying I’d exceeded my limits and mail messages were now being bounced. 

I’m pretty sure anyone travelling will find that a huge bonus, too. 

The improved security is also appreciated. I like to feel safe and secure, so thanks for that. 

However, it’s the “better spam filtering” and new webmail interface that have caused me the most grief. 

I don’t like a computer deciding what is and isn’t spam. Feel free to tag my mail as potential spam in the subject line if you must but please don’t take it upon yourself to make the decision it’s spam, it’s bad and it’s not going to make it to my inbox. If I want you to decide that for me, I’ll tell you. 

The default setting for the new e-mail service should have been for potential spam to be tagged and sent on, not automatically sent to a separate folder so it doesn’t get downloaded to my inbox. 

I know I get a lot of spam, and I know I complain about it. However, I also know that at least half a dozen of my real e-mails get tagged as spam by you each week. 

I did try to change the spam filter setting but ended up being booted off the system and got a message saying: “There was a problem processing your last request. Please try again later.” 

Yesterday, I finally managed to hide on the webmail system long enough to change my filter options. 

Please don’t take it upon yourself to tinker with my settings again. 

Kindest regards, a stressed out customer

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