The perfect companion: rechargeable, quiet and intelligent

If you’re looking for a meaningful relationship without the hassle of human emotions, internet-linked household robot Wakamaru was unveiled by Mitsubishi in Tokyo last week.

Mitsubishi will take orders until the end of next month for 100 of the 1m-high, bright yellow robots that are powered by rechargeable batteries and move about on wheels.

Mitsubishi sees Wakamaru as a pleasant companion, offering a range of electronic valet services.

It can work as a secretary, keeping track of appointments, and can also operate as a watchdog, raising the alarm if a burglar is about.

Mitsubishi says it has tried to create a robot that can sustain meaningful relationships with humans, initiating conversations and offering services such as news, weather, and e-mail dictation.

Wakamaru is also capable of looking after the house, providing streaming video over cellular networks, and seeking out useful information on the net.

At a cost of only 1,575,000 yen ($NZ14,260) plus a monthly service fee Wakamaru certainly looks to have cheaper running costs than the average spouse.

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