Hotting up for the big NZ political Idol show

September 17 is the political version of the NZ Idol final. Without the singing, of course (thank goodness for small mercies).

As we all know, too much of anything is bad for us — as the South Korean man who up and died after playing Starcraft online for nearly 50 shows. The same goes for politicians.

Everything in moderation. And let’s face it, they’re all so damn boring we’re unlikely to want to have to spend too much of our time listening to them anyway.

David Lange was a politician who wasn’t boring. No matter whether you supported his policies or not, there’s no denying the man was incredibly clever, witty and respected.

Mr Lange, who died on Saturday night, was to New Zealand politics what Mohammed Ali was to boxing — a clever, colourful, flamboyant character who makes all who have followed in his footsteps look like bland imitations.

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