Terminator v Fornicator

I’m still not feeling particularly excited about the coming United States presidential election. I find American politics baffling at the best of times and the battle of the man with the endless chin versus the man with terminal foot-in-mouth disease doesn’t inspire me to gain a better understanding of the whole bun fight.

The election for Governor of California was a whole lot more interesting with action star Arnold Schwarzenegger on the ballot and porn tycoon Larry Flynt announcing he was also thinking about putting his hand up for the job. I had the headline pre-written for the campaign trail story: Terminator vs the Fornicator.

MadBlast has an interesting take on the whole presidential election hoo-ha with Pulp Politicians. Oh, and check out the Presidential Horror Show on the same site. John Kerry in stockings and lippy is wrong on so many levels.

Sticking with the horror theme, it’s almost Halloween and while I tend to ignore it along with Valentine’s Day and assorted other annoying, imported excuses for retailers to encourage us to spend money, it does seem to be gaining in popularity among younger Kiwis.

For those interested, Halloween Online appears to be the ultimate guide to the day.

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