Moving, schmoving…never again

Eight years ago I said I was never moving house again. This time I mean it.

You didn’t get a column from me last week because I was too busy unpacking. In fact, by my normal deadline time I still hadn’t hunted out all my computer cables. Not that it mattered because I couldn’t have connected to the net anyway.

In an attempt at being semi-organised, I’d made calls to Telecom, Contact Energy and Sky TV the week before we moved. Telecom had a hiccup with the phone connection and it wasn’t until I called them on my cellphone the morning after we moved that it was connected. Jetstream and Sky took another two days (the Sky technician was sent to the right street, right number, wrong city).

There was no explanation from either company. I did get an apology from Telecom’s customer service chicky but it just wasn’t the same when “Oh, we’re sorry” immediately followed me saying: “An apology would be nice” .

In the past I’ve always found Telecom’s service spot on so I was more than a little disappointed.

On a brighter note, all things electrical seem to be working. However, we got our power account last week. It said the final reading was transferred from a house we haven’t lived in for eight years.

The Service Quality Institute’s wide range of videos, books and courses might prove useful. Or we could just stick with the confusion, and take a look at Sign Language, which features a collection of photos of humorous, bizarre and/or confusing signs from around the world.

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