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(This is the Online column written for The Southland Times)

Is it your birthday today? If it is, you share it with Burt Reynolds’ former main squeeze Loni Anderson and Neil Armstrong, the original moonwalker (Michael Jackson, eat your heart out).

If you want to know more about famous birthdays, then check out the simply named Famous Birthdays. You’ll find stars of the big and small screens, singers, athletes and even the odd astronaut listed for every day of the year.

For general today in history information, the History Channel has a handy little option that allows you to check any date and select your history by categories ranging from entertainment to World War 2.

Forty-two years ago today, actress Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her Los Angeles home. At the time, police believed her death was a result of an overdose of sleeping pills but over the years there have been many fans who disagree with the official findings.

Rumours were rife of her involvement with the Kennedy brothers and the internet is full of sites covering Marilyn’s life, death and career.

The official Marilyn Monroe website has everything you would expect, with masses of photos, a biography, on-screen appearances and more and the Marilyn Monroe Organisation is another goodie with plenty to offer.

Glamournet’s Marilyn site also has plenty of info and links but with almost the entire first screen of the page taken up with advertisements for Marilyn posters I found the site to be more of a business proposition than a true fan site.

Want to know what the FBI had on the blonde bombshell? It’s all available at the Freedom of Information Act website.

For even more on Marilyn, the Smoking Gun, one of my favourite websites, has quite a list of Marilyn info for the discerning browser.

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